Information about the METS Prerequisite Course


METS Prerequisite Course


Depending on your educational background, work experience, and current profession, you may be advised to complete this prerequisite course. The purpose of this course is to review basic exercise and nutrition-related topics that are pertinent to Metabolic Efficiency. The prerequisite course materials will be delivered in PDF format via e-mail.  If you are pursuing the Level I METS certification clinic, you will need to complete a short exam and receive a 90% or better passing score to proceed with participation in the Level I METS clinic.

Course topics include basic and sports nutrition concepts, train-related exercise physiology and physical periodization concepts.

The cost for the METS Prerequisite course is $119 and must be paid in full prior to beginning the course. There is a no refund policy. Please be sure you can commit to the course before submitting payment.