Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Certification for Health and Medical Professionals

Level I: Health and Medical Professionals

The Level I METS Health and Medical Professionals (HMP) Certification clinic is a comprehensive course that is designed for health and medical professionals who have a minimum Bachelor of Science degree in health, exercise science, nutrition or medical area of study AND currently work in a health, sport, or medical profession. Examples of health professionals who may qualify for this certification include Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, Sport Scientists, and Medical Doctors. For those individuals who are not actively engaged in nutrition coaching or consulting, you may be required to complete the METS Prerequisite Course and/or be considered for the METS-HMP educational path.

METS-HMP curriculum

Complex nutrition information and scientific research will be presented and dissected into simple implementation strategies so each participant will be able to utilize and teach the concept in an easy manner.  Behavior modification techniques will be presented as well as nutrition periodization as it relates to Metabolic Efficiency™ and nutrient timing strategies.  Lastly, Metabolic Efficiency testing will be discussed and each participant will learn the protocol for conducting a test as well as the basic interpretation of test data.

I. Introduction and Background

  • History of Metabolic Efficiency
  • Reasoning including GI distress, nutrient partitioning, body weight/composition, health markers
  • Methods of manipulation
  • Exercise prescription
  • Nutritional science

II. Health Markers

  •  Metabolic syndrome and the association to Metabolic Efficiency

III. Daily Nutrition Implementation Strategies

  • Behavior change theory and implementation strategies based on readiness to change
  • Goal setting
  • Nutritional myth busting
  • Simple nutrition teaching methods to improve Metabolic Efficiency
  • Discussion of five nutritional methods to improve Metabolic Efficiency

IV. Training Nutrition Strategies

  • Nutrient timing before, during and after exercise/training
  • How to alter nutrient timing with enhanced Metabolic Efficiency
  • Research review

V. Metabolic Efficiency Assessments

  • Types
  • Protocols
  • Basic interpretation (including exercise prescription, zone setting, nutrition intervention)

VI. Metabolic Efficiency Case Studies and Exercise Prescriptions/Nutrition Interventions

  • Example of a high carbohydrate, low protein, low fat individual
  • Example of a macronutriently balanced individual
  • Example of a low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high fat individual



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