METS I Recertificaton


The METS Level I Certification is valid for two (2) years.  During the two year period, each Certified METS I professional will need to accumulate 10 total CEU's.

Recertification guidelines include the following:

1. METS I Membership, which includes the following:

  • Private METS Level I Facebook page (moderated by Bob Seebohar), providing comments to questions, research articles and educational updates

  • Special mentoring opportunities

  • Wholesale bulk pricing on the hard copy book, "Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat", second edition

  • Permission to use any copyrighted Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist certification slides

  • Testing templates provided to individuals who have metabolic carts and conduct metabolic efficiency testing

  • Case study information and data will be provided to those who do not have testing equipment available

  • Investment: $99/year, provides 5 total CEU's for two-year certification period

2. Case studies (provides 5 total CEU's)

  • 5 total case studies that detail the following:

    • Athlete background information

    • Metabolic Efficiency Test full interpretation (including graphs and daily nutrition and exercise recommendations)