Level I METS

Benefits and Re-certification Information

All Certified Level I METS professionals must submit a $99 per year annual membership fee, no matter the date of certification. This annual membership fee provides benefits such as providing half of the continuing education units required to re-certify, participation in quarterly conference calls, and one mentor call per year with Bob Seebohar, the creator of the Metabolic Efficiency Concept.



  • Featured on the "Certified Professionals" page of the Metabolic Efficiency Training website

  • Part of the world wide referral system for Level I METS Certified individuals

  • Ability to purchase the hard copy version of "Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat", second edition book at 40% off MSRP for resale (minimum purchase is 20 books); (contact us for more information)

  • 20% discount on Birota Foods products (contact us for the code)

  • 10% client discount on Birota Foods products for clients (contact us for the code)

  • Discount on Parvo Medics metabolic cart (contact us for more information)

  • 15% discount on Generation UCAN products (use the code COACHBOB on their website)

  • 20% discount on iKOR Labs Performance CBD oil (use the code ENRG20 on their website)

  • 15% discount on Ample products (use the code ENRG15 on their website)

  • Membership to private METS I Facebook page

  • Permission to use any copyrighted Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist certification slides

  • Access to the copyrighted eNRG Performance metabolic testing data sheets

  • Discounted pricing on mentorship opportunities

  • Ability to participate in quarterly conference calls

  • Ability to schedule one, 30-minute personal mentor call with Bob Seebohar per calendar year

Re-Certification Information

  • The Level I METS Certification is good for 2 years (calendar years)

    • Example: if you become certified in March of 2018, your certification is valid through the end of 2020

  • This is a membership based certification that requires an annual fee of $99 per year

  • To re-certify, you must have submitted your annual membership fee ($99) for both years of your certification AND accumulate 10 total Continuing Education Units (CEU's).

  • There is also a $75 recertification fee (that covers administration time of grading your recertification materials and website updates). Thus, the cost for each two-year certification block is $273.

    • 5 CEU's will be earned through your active, annual membership

    • 5 CEU's will be earned from one of the following options:

      • Successfully passing another Level I METS Certification Course OR

      • Submitting 5 comprehensive case studies (which are provided to you should you not have testing data)*

*For those Level I METS Certified Professionals who provide metabolic efficiency testing, eNRG Performance Institute will provide you with testing templates you can use in your practice upon your request.

*For those Level I METS Certified Professionals who do NOT provide metabolic efficiency testing, eNRG Performance Institute will provide you case study information packets upon your request for re-certification.