Level I and II Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist (METS)  

Certifications and Mentor Program

Level I METS Certification


Certification Details

The Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Certification is offered as an online format with frequent communication with the founder of the concept, Bob Seebohar. This online certification is a two-month commitment so ensure you budget your time and other priorities before applying for this certification. There is a no refund policy.

After you submit your application, you will be notified within seven business day upon receipt regarding your application status. If you are approved for the certification, you will begin Month 1 by completing six online modules and accompanying quizzes. The time commitment is approximately 8 - 12 hours for the first month and all of it is done on your own with email communication with Bob Seebohar, the founder of the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept. Month 2 is the most unique aspect of this online certification as you will schedule one, 30-minute mentorship call with Bob Seebohar each week for four continuous weeks. These personal mentorship calls will help guide your understanding of the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept as well as assist you in implementing it in your business model.

This certification has strict prerequisites and is offered to health, fitness, coaching, nutritional, and medical professionals only.

Education Modules

Month 1: audio/visual learning modules (8 hours)

  • Module 1: Introduction and background to Nutrition Periodization and Metabolic Efficiency Training

  • Module 2: Cognitive assessment and coaching strategies

  • Module 3: Nutrition and exercise training implementation strategies

  • Module 4: Nutrient timing and training nutrition principles

  • Module 5: Physiological testing concepts and interpretation strategies

  • Module 6: Metabolic Efficiency case studies

Month 1: email communication with Bob Seebohar

Month 2: individual mentorship program (2 hours)

This is an extremely valuable part of this certification as you will speak with Bob Seebohar once per week for 30 minutes. This mini-mentorship will allow you to apply the knowledge you learned in Month 1 and receive feedback and implementation strategies from Bob Seebohar regarding how to use the MET concept in your specific business model. These calls will be scheduled on weekdays during normal business hours.

Certification Objectives

  • Discuss the background and implementation strategies of Nutrition Periodization™ and Metabolic Efficiency Training™.

  • Discuss initial assessments, motivational interviewing, and cognitive coaching methods.

  • Review and discuss specific nutrition and exercise interventions used to manipulate Metabolic Efficiency Training.

  • Provide and discuss Metabolic Efficiency Training implementation strategies for daily nutrition and nutrient timing.

  • Describe physiological testing methods for substrate storage and substrate oxidation, testing protocols, and basic interpretation strategies.

  • Provide and discuss Metabolic Efficiency Training case studies and lifestyle interpretation methods.

  • Discuss business implementation strategies.

Certification Prerequisites

The Level I METS Certification is only offered to health, nutrition, fitness, coaching, and medical professionals. The following prerequisites are MANDATORY in order to apply. If you do not meet the minimum requirements, please strive to gain more knowledge in your field of choice and apply at a later date. Please do not apply if you do not have the required prerequisites.

Option #1:

  • 4-year degree in a health sciences field of study (fitness, exercise science, nutrition, wellness, pre-medicine, physiology, etc.); subject to approval

  • Current employment in the health, wellness, fitness, coaching, nutrition, or medical field

  • Have read the "Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching Your Body to Burn More Fat", second edition book


Option #2:

  • Current employment in the health, wellness, fitness, coaching, nutrition, or medical field

  • Have read the "Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching Your Body to Burn More Fat", second edition book

  • Possess AT LEAST 2 of the following (subject to prior approval):

    • Credible fitness certification

    • Credible nutrition certification

    • Credible coaching certification

    • Credible wellness/health certification

Certification Benefits and Re-Certification Information

Click HERE for more information.

This is VERY IMPORTANT. Please become familiar with all of the re-certification steps prior to submitting your application.


$799 includes all education modules, unlimited email with Bob Seebohar throughout the certification, four personal calls with Bob Seebohar in the second month to customize your learning experience, and all of the other certification benefits you can read about HERE.

If you are accepted, you will be emailed the link to register for the Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Certification Course. Once you submit payment and register for the certification, you will officially begin the certification and have two months to complete it.

Note: there are no refunds.

*USA Triathlon Certified Coaches will receive 8 continuing education units.

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Application Process

The Level I METS Online Certification Course is offered year-round. You can submit your application at any time throughout the year. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified if you are accepted within seven business days upon receipt of your application.


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Testimonials from Level I METS Professionals

The Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Certification was a worthwhile and meaningful investment in myself and my career.  I use what I learned from the certification course on a daily basis with my clients, from MET testing to nutrition coaching, and my clients are feeling more energized, losing weight, and are able to minimize GI distress during long training sessions and competitions.  Bob Seebohar teaches in a clear, concise way and provides individualized support throughout the training.  I would recommend this certification to anyone who is excited to apply the latest in nutrition and training strategies!
— Chelsea G., RD, METS I
In sports nutrition, if you want to do what’s best rather than what’s easy for you and/or your athletes then take the Level I Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist certification. It focuses on not just performance but health, which is often times lacking in the traditional sports nutrition paradigm. The certification is very straightforward and serves as a solid resource for helping you apply nutrition to the real world. Even though the certification is beneficial for any health/fitness/medical professional, for Registered Dietitians, becoming a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist and learning from Bob Seebohar will help you carve a niche so you can set yourself apart in the dietetics field. I highly recommend it!
— Katie M., MS, MPH, RD, METS I
Thank you so much! This was an amazing experience overall and I appreciate the thorough nature of the course and evaluation to add to my professional toolkit!! I can say it definitely surpassed any expectations I had coming in.
— Steve S., RD, CSSD, METS I
I enjoyed taking in all of the detailed information and applying it to my daily life. As I did, I saw positive changes......which made me even more excited about this certification. I am working with a sports nutritionist on a business plan to offer Metabolic Efficiency testing! This is taking my business to a new level and I did not plan on this when I signed up.
— Sally D.

Level II METS Certification

The METS II Certification is highly competitive and candidates are chosen through a rigorous process. In order to be considered to apply, the application must possess the following:

  • Current Level I METS certification

  • A minimum of 2 years as a Level I Certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist.

  • Having worked with a minimum of 50 individuals utilizing the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept (written proof is required), including daily nutrition strategies and follow-up.

  • Metabolic Efficiency testing knowledge AND proof of interpreting a minimum of 30 Metabolic Efficiency Tests.

  • Participation in a minimum of two months of the Level I METS Mentorship with Bob Seebohar.

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Level I METS Mentor Program

The METS I Mentor Program is provided to current Level I Certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialists. This is a monthly mentor program, led by Bob Seebohar, that is customized and tailored to your individual needs.

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